Professional level player on electric bass & drums with over 20 years experience as a gigging & session musician and teacher

Instruments Played & Taught

Electric Bass



Voice & Ear Training

Funk, rock, jazz, blues, Latin, country, bluegrass - whatever style is needed, Kurt Reber is a comfortable performer & proficient sight reader or improviser in all of these settings.

Acoustic 12-string and 6-string acoustic & electric guitars have all been part of Kurt Reber's professional musical experience.

Has drummed for jazz, rock, boogaloo, pop, blues, & surf bands.  Characteristic  aspects of his drumming are sensitivity to dynamics, polyrhythm, & interactive listening. 

Kurt Reber is a skilled baritone or tenor harmony vocalist, & will perform lead vocals if asked.  With students, voice is used to learn & recognize intervals & scales.

Multi-Instrumentalist & Teacher